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Mission and Aims
The statement of the Library's mission and aims constitutes its roadmap in the daily practice field, as well as for planning short-term and long-term actions regarding the development and upgrade of the Library's information services and internal operations. This set of objectives is revised following the dictates of new developments in the Library's direct and indirect environment.
Notifying the Library's mission statement and Internal Regulation, aims at briefing the public about the Library's role as an information service integrated into the University of Thessaly operation framework.
Regulation (2001) - page 4:
The University of Thessaly Library aims at supporting and promoting its parent Institution's educational and research work. It offers its services to the University of Thessaly academic community members, as well as to the general public.
The University of Thessaly Library aims at:
  • Enriching its collection continuously.
  • Collecting, preserving, managing and exploiting archival, museum and cultural material.
  • Giving effect to its users' constitutional rights of access to information and of personal data protection.
  • Participating in planning and supporting the implementation of the University's graduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Planning and implementing educational programs for its users.
  • Expanding its role to support distance and lifelong education.
  • Contributing to the formation of effective innovation in the libraries and information science fields.
  • Providing quality work environment (physical - electronic) capable of hosting and supporting educational and research processes-activities.
  • Staffing its departments with specialised and adequate personnel.
  • Continuous professional education and training.
  • Organizing and managing its services, so that users' needs are anticipated validly.
  • Offering ad hoc services to disabled people.
  • Observing and evaluating its services constantly.
  • Promoting its services
  • Publishing informative material, forms, studies and other printed or electronic material, the intellectual rights of which belong to the library.
  • Collaborating with other institutions for optimal information dissemination.

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