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The library was founded and operated in September 1988 at the first operating academic year of the University of Thessaly. The person in charge was Mr. Christos Alexiou. From 1990, when the house and the collection of Kitsos Makris were donated to the Library for the operation of a Branch-Folklore Centre, the Library increases the number of its services and branches, an evolutionary process that follows proportionally the development of its parent institution. Thus, today it allocates 6 branches in cities of the Thessaly region (Volos, Larissa, Trikala, Karditsa).
Important role, however, in its systematic organisation and its services' upgrade played from the mid '90s the developmental projects that it undertakes. In 1995 Dr. Ioannis Clapsopoulos assumes charge of the Library. Under his supervision two Library project proposals (EPEAEK I & II - 1996 and 2002 respectively) are submitted and approved. During the implementation of these projects the Library is staffed with specialised professionals and technical equipment.
In 1998 the Library carries out in its facilities the 7th Pan-Hellenic Congress of Academic Libraries. In 2005 the Library moves in the New Central Library Building and changes its appellation from "Library & Information Service" into "Library & Information Centre" (Law No.3404/2005).

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Complete information is provided in Greek language via the Greek edition of the Library web site.
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